New Wheels

Changing the wheels in the middle of the night to suit the Mongolian railway.

Border Crossing

Border Control collecting passports at the Mongolian border.

Out of the Window

Long Hard Night

For the stewards on board!

First Steps

On Mongoian soil – assembling kit at Ulaanbaatar railway station.


Discovering the playgrounds in Ulaanbaatar and sharing a see saw with a Mongolian boy.

Bed for the Night

We saw some movement at an agricultural site and headed up the track to see if we could shelter there. A kind and welcoming Mongolian lady instantly ushered us all inside her Ger and gave us all warm milk – Mongoian style – to drink and offered us dinner and her and her husbands’ beds for the night.

Monks – A – Chanting

A morning ritual in the Gandantegchinlen Monastry  – “the great place of complete joy”.

Pigeons Everywhere

Pigeons in the courtyard of the monastry, feeding pigeons and chasing pigeons.

Big Buddha

Pretty impressive that this hollow chap is only 26 m tall and filled with 27 tonnes of medicinal herbs amongst other things!

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