Folk Dancers

Here we are in Riga watching these Latvians do a jig or two – Moses got the hang of it, Caspar stood and absorbed it all and Turis and Herbie just enjoyed swinging and jumping up and down and spinning around and around on our arms. Later on in the same park we ended up being interviewed for Japanese TV about Latvian culture!

So why Riga?  – We only managed to get transit visas for Russia so decided to fly to Riga/Latvia and will cycle through Baltics to Poland.

Nativity Cathedral

Hats back on after looking inside. Shorts not allowed, sorry Papa.

Music to our Ears

Riding around the old town we stumbled on the most entertaining buskers that we’ve seen and heard.

Jack In A Box

Two of them having fun playing inside the stools in our hotel room.


Without snow – the reindeers or huskies just pull their brother along on our waterproof bags. Mama has since had to do a few repairs on their trousers from the reins pulling on them but the waterproof bags survived their ordeal well!

Shady Ride

Through the woodlands en route to Jurmala.

Riding on the Beach

Yes it was possible! No it’s not a photshop job! The sand was so compressed even with all our luggage we could still ride without beaching!

Sandy Sarnies

A picnic on the beach, some extra seasoning for the cucumber slices and a seaweed tossing competition afterwards.

Washer Up’rs

Herbie helping Papa out – well in his own sweet way.

Stickman Returns

Moses remembered Stickman Ben from the early days when we had been camping in the Redwoods/USA and lovingly played this game with them as they played it again this morning.

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