Bikes on Board

All aboard and everything except us on the roof!

Golden Arch Volcano

Exploring the colonial cobble stone town Antigua with the beautiful arch – even buggy mode is a bumpy ride.

Swim before Lunch

The boys decided this fountain was a swimming pool much to the amusement of the locals. Lunch inside the maze of a market was the only incentive to get them away!


Street Playground

Seesawing with the local kids. Meanwhile Mama didn’t want to look too hard at the concrete specifically laid beneath…

On the road again …

This time a very bumpy one… topping up air in tires whilst a chicken bus (old repainted US school bus) races by.


Corn on the Cob Paradise

Grilled corn refreshments lunch at this little roadside hut in the middle of corn plantation.

Bed Testers

Our tent is hibernating as basic rooms are affordable and it rains heavily most afternoons. Consequently the boys have a new bed bouncing routine when we arrive just to make sure the mattresses are sound.


+ 3

For a while we thought we had gained three as these children were so delighted to see the boys in the trailers they had been running after us through the streets of Chimaltenango.

Juice Bar

This time refreshment is some freshly squeezed orange juice and some super friendly people for a chat!

Cycling in Guatemala

Let’s say cycling in Guatemala is different. The volcanic landscape is stunning but the average altitude from the east to the west lies around 2000m/6000feet – most of the time it goes up, sometimes down 🙂 and as for the humidity, a lack of hard shoulders and you wouldn’t believe what comes out of the exhaust pipes! Local knowledge of how far away things are is not too reliable & can vary from 2km to 22km and flat is definitely not flat!


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