Finally Out of Town

And into the desert – yesterday couldn’t see as far of the next building due to a sandstorm
– and battled on for a very unpleasant  few kilometres before we turned back and just waited.

Arabian Road Sign

This time the local wildlife has a hump!


Not the chocolate variety but breathtaking!


Hot, dusty and dry – time to lighten our load and drink a little from the 30 litres of water that we are carrying.

Windy Start

Preparing for another ride into the wind.

The Roads of Oman

And a few of the many goats!

Shady Picnic

Albeit spikey and some after lunch rock hurling.

Water Station

Fortunately there is a drinking water tank outside most mosques.

Bumpy Ride

Here we go! The start of 35km of stoney gravel track.

Turning the Wheels

You can do it! Thanks to Family Märcker for their guidance with the route planning!

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