Diddley Um! We had to fill out a lot of forms (x 6!) – once for the visa and virtually the same information again plus the visa number for entry. Despite “VISA $20” being very clearly written on a sign on the wall beside the visa booth, at first they still tried to charge us double but with calm persistence they eventually relented…

The Roads of Cambodia

Another very hot and sticky 45 degree afternoon but with some refreshing green, a breeze and some stunning scenery…

Brave Knight

Great outline of a knight on horseback guarding the Wat on hill above.

Gold Dominoes

Beautiful row of golden monks facing the Wat in Pailin but unlike dominoes these ones are unlikely to topple over!

Five Copy Cats

Imitating the six golden monks outside the temple.

Under the Buddha Tree

Some very golden Buddhas sitting meditating under the Buddha tree.

Washing Line

The colourful monks robes hanging on a washing line beside the Wat.

Hidey Places

An amazing number of columns – almost one for every one of the one hundred monks living here – and great for little people playing hiding seek! Turis counting – eyes closed – much to the joy of the monk before looking for the others.


We woke the boys up at 4.30am and whispered quietly that they should get dressed as we were going for a ride in a motorbike Tuk Tuk to the largest temple in the world to see the sun rise. All four were very excited and instantly wide awake – more so than us grown ups!

Early Morning Games

Building, throwing and other inventive play with sticks, stones and grass.

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