Biking Vancouver

In Vancouver (WOW! Aquarium at the airport!) all our luggage (77kg + bikes & trailers) reappeared in good nick. The children were delighted to see what weird & wonderful things turned up in the outsize luggage area:  all kinds of sporting equipment, musical instruments & even a meowing cat – all good entertainment while we assembled all our equipment for “riding mode”.

The 15km ride to downtown city was fine but a bit tough at 4am (home time!) after being up all night. Cycle lanes are a little bit different here – let’s say you ride more with the traffic but at least they exist!

The children have adapted really well to the time difference – it’s the parents who have suffered the jet lag! 1st day – assembling provisions down town, riding around Stanley Park and playing in the playground.

Birch Bay – got there!


Long day after filling out immigration forms x 6 at US border. Met Loni & Erik (our hosts to be!) at fab location on Birch Bay whilst looking for campground.

Crabs & Oysters


Whilst staying at the beach house of Loni’s father (Loni – we met further north in Washington State)- the boys had heaps of fun looking for crabs and oysters!


Arrival at the beach

Finally we made it to the Oregon Coast – Cape Lookout: fine white sandy beaches – the boys love the huge sandpits!


Oregon Sunset

After some Pilates on the beach we watched our last sunset on the Oregon coast before we hit the Californian border.

Kite Flyers

Chillin’ out after the mammoth Leggett hills. The only ones on the beach and at last the wind wasn’t too strong for the kite so no broken strings this time.

Rio’s Bike Path

Our guided tour along the beach bike path in Rio – thanks to Ricardo and Inglid.

The Other Side

Rio with the Sugar Loaf, Christ and the Art Museum from the other side – not forgetting the footballers of course!

Brazilian Beach

One of the many beautiful beaches!

Playing guitar at the beach

“Who stole the coconut, who stole the coco… “

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