Chapel Lunch

chapel lunch 1

Amazing how such places just seem to “turn up” at lunch time  – today with the added luxury of fresh spring water on tap.

chapel lunch 2 chapel lunch 3



After we asked this kind lady for directions to our campsite she went way out of her way to escort us the first 5km from 15km. Early the next morning she even turned up at our campsite to check we`d arrived safely!


rally 1

What a treat for the boys after hiking up to Schlossberg from our camp – a classic car rally! We let them loose with the camera so we have an awful lot more car pictures, if anyone was interested!

rally 2



Family photo as a pose to than cars on this occasion!

The Parents

the parents



The boys stumbled across this slimey creature wiggling it’s way across the path as they ran ahead on the way back down to the campsite…

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