Buddhist Festival

Sampling some of the local specialties – declined the insects! Don’t know the name of this rice but delicious – a sweet sticky rice cooked over the fire in a bamboo stick.

Squashed Squid

This stall fascinated us all – after grilling over the fire the squid was literally wrung through a roller press.

Good Shot!

And a great jump Moses – more fun and a lot of teddies won.

The Egg Man

Eggs cooked over the fire with rice bread – yummy!

Double Trouble!

These two are becoming more and more of a giggle team each day.

Pole Vault

And steam rollers – all great imaginative games to play on the beach!

Dinner for Seven

Trying out the chopsticks for noodles and other delights with our new friend Ped.

Mango, Mango, Mango…

Mouthwatering mango – and with sticky coconut rice – exquisite!

All Hands on the Deck!

Taking it in turns to pump up the tyre after fixing a puncture – the second in two days.

Road Trip

Moses and Caspar off on their own little tour.

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