Roof Top Sightseeing

After we made it to the southern tip of India we all enjoyed doing some lazy sightseeing before having a cool splash in the roof top swimming pool of our hotel.


India’s national sport. Now we understand why India is so good at cricket – as Brazilians play football on every street corner – Indian’s are playing cricket.

Statue Island

At the most southern tip of India – India’s Lands End – from sunrise to sunset a huge statue overlooking  the three seas: The Indian Ocean,  The Arabian Sea and The Bay of Bengal.

Chennai Express

A ride on an Indian train was not to be missed – we took the overnight train from Kanyakumari to Chennai. With open windows it was refreshing – even in the night.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

These friendly village folk couldn’t help but come over and look when we stopped to get cold water and fruit.


Taking the water buffalo and ducks for a stroll and a dip across the rice paddies – a necessity in such heat.

Horse N Cart

… well buffalo! Note the brightly coloured horns and jewelry.

Indian Bicycle

Classic! … and very heavy!

The Hut

A typical hut house with palm leafs on the roof.

Friends from Home

Welcoming friends from Germany! Nice to see someone who comes from the same culture!!!

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