Waiting at the railway crossing turned out to be quite a social event.

Over the Bridge

Hard Work

How do you cut these Indian coconuts open without a machete?! That’s what a Victorinox Swiss Army knife is for!! The Braziian ones were easy in comparison to the brown shell inside and full of juice.

News Bulletin!

Several Indian newspapers wrote a report about us and we had the TV cameras rolling:

Temple of Education

This little girl was all dressed up for her first visit to the temple.

A Tap Each

Hand washing – an essential ritual when you will be eating with your hands – which is not as easy as you would think! – and both got a vote of approval from the boys!


Round and round to the top – this time a black and white lighthouse.

Balcony with a View

Surprisingly a heavily palm tree forested landscape – it didn’t seem quite this way as we were riding along.


No pole to slide down or fire engine to ride but don’t worry three fireman are ready for action with their fire buckets.

Hindu Temple

One of the many Hindu temples in Southern India – the boys are delighted that they are so colorful and with the amazing elephant figures.

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