East Germany

Ancient and Modern

Ancient and Modern1

Exploring Leipzig’s contrast.

Ancient and Modern2

Ancient and Modern3



Fun for the whole family on such a band – the harder you jump the higher the other side flies…




The old gas works has been turned into an amazing piece of circular artwork that surrounds and embraces you from daylight to darkness depicting Leipzig in 1813 after Napoleon left the city. The boys were most astounded by all the fires burning and made sure they ranked them all.




Fire! Fire!

Fire Fire

Pour on water…

The Line Up

The Line Up1

The Line Up2b

The Line Up3

Green Leipzig

Green Leipzig1

Nice riding along the bike paths through the parks.

Green Leipzig2

Green Leipzig3

Abstract Leipzig

Abstract Leipzig

This colourful wall mural caught our eye as we headed towards the train station.

Plan B

Plan B

Maps out and “back to the drawing board” as the bridge in Dresden that we wanted to go over is blocked by the festival celebrations

Birthday Tea

Birthday Tea1

It was the first time that one of the boys asked me what the cake was meant to be… but they were very happy with the funnels, wheels and bumpers even though they couldn’t quite understand why I hadn’t baked the cake…

Birthday Tea2

Walls of Dresden

walls of dresden 1b

Sitting amongst the white columns and running away from the black and white walls and riding past the largest porcelain mural in the world – 102m long – The Procession of Princes.

walls of dresden 2b

walls of dresden 3

walls of dresden 4a

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