Question For You!

Question For You

Anyone know what this is growing in the fields?


  1. Ruediger
    18, August 2013, 4:59pm / 

    It could be canola or soya. In which region did you take the picture?

  2. Antje
    18, August 2013, 9:27pm / 

    My husband – he has a diploma in agriculture – says that it is oilseed rape just before harvest (in German: Raps).

    • Ruediger
      18, August 2013, 10:08pm / 

      ok – I be silent 🙂

  3. Patricia
    20, August 2013, 10:47pm / 

    This is not oilseed rape, cause i live in Germany and i know how it looks like!
    I think its a Soya Plant : “Soy varies in growth and habit. The height of the plant varies from less than 0.2 to 2.0 m (0.66 to 6.6 ft)”

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