At the Station

It took half an hour to negotiate bypassing the security gate by going in the exit to get inside. Followed by a long time to organise and transfer everything directly upstairs to the platform gate (before it was opened) and back downstairs to the actual platform.

  • Sarah

    Hi there. This all looks so amazing – can’t believe you are nearing the end of your travels. Can’t believe it has taken me this long to figure out how to leave a message!

    You will have such tales to tell – see you soon.

    Love Sarah

    May 30, 2012at21:30
  • I:m guessing that this is the Sarah that is on the Russian black list! Good to see you on here! – comment feature wasn’t on originally btw! We only managed to get a transit visa which kind of screwed up our original plan to ride Moscow to St Petersberg – hey hoi – now we get to ride through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & some of Poland 🙂

    May 31, 2012at16:06