Helicopter Pilots

A helicopter landed beside the road and the cool pilot let the boys have a turn in the pilot’s seat.

Rock Pools

Even the littlest one had fun exploring and splashing in these rock pools.

Pretty Polly and Mates

…Riding bikes!  But where’ve you gone now?

Koala Alert!

Watching koalas dosing in the trees at our campsite was quite an attraction – yum yum eucalyptus leaves! – But boy – they can grunt at night!


Or should we say cockatoo! too! too! This was a test of Moses’ patience but truly worth the wait as it took a long time before they would get near enough to feed.

Sunset Tent

Amazing colours as sun sets.

All Before Breakfast!

A massive storm in the night… and a bunch of kangeroos outside our tent in the morning!

Gog and MaGog

The names of the two rocks at Gibson Steps – not the children!

The Twelve-ish Apostles

The Japanese tourists took more photos of the boys than we did!

London Bridge

…has fallen down, fallen down, fallen down. My fair lady…

Or as a stark contrast on the opposite side of the road “London’s Burning” – charcoal – the remnants of a bush fire.

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