All Four One…

and one for all!


Celebrating Herbie’s 1st Birthday – we hope that we will see our fantastic hosts Ian and Kay again around his 2nd!


Kangaroo Spotting


Watch Out!

Spiny anteaters about! Or not! – as we didn’t actually see any Echidnas – Australian’s version of a hedgehog.

Birthday Camping

“…Happy Birthday Dear Caspar, Happy Birthday to You!”

View From The Top

Anyone seen the kids TV series Round the Twist?

How many steps to climb to the top of this lighthouse?

And what a view!


Most tourists seem to have a problem in remembering to drive on the correct side of the road!

The Great Ocean Road

It’s not just marketing – it’s incredible views and amazing rocks are in indeed unique and beautiful!

Mobile Farm

The boys were allowed to gate crash the playgroup party for the last five minutes to stroke the mobile farm animals. They adored holding the rabbits!

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