Busy Highway

Somehow we lost track of the cycle path and ended up on the 6 lane highway over The Alex Fraser Bridge – good job it was rush hour so everything was jammed! Had just decided to lift all our stuff over the barrier to the cycle path when a police car stopped. We were ready with a string of excuses but he just asked “need a helping hand?”


After today we’ve learnt exactly what’s completely waterproof & what is just showerproof & why Vancouver is so beautifully green!
Puddle splashing & spotting racoons and a water otter were  tops for the kids.

Biking Vancouver

In Vancouver (WOW! Aquarium at the airport!) all our luggage (77kg + bikes & trailers) reappeared in good nick. The children were delighted to see what weird & wonderful things turned up in the outsize luggage area:  all kinds of sporting equipment, musical instruments & even a meowing cat – all good entertainment while we assembled all our equipment for “riding mode”.

The 15km ride to downtown city was fine but a bit tough at 4am (home time!) after being up all night. Cycle lanes are a little bit different here – let’s say you ride more with the traffic but at least they exist!

The children have adapted really well to the time difference – it’s the parents who have suffered the jet lag! 1st day – assembling provisions down town, riding around Stanley Park and playing in the playground.