A Tap Each

Hand washing – an essential ritual when you will be eating with your hands – which is not as easy as you would think! – and both got a vote of approval from the boys!


  1. Shari Johnson
    06, April 2012, 11:57pm / 

    Hi there travellers – my son (Isaac) and I (from Vancouver Island) met all of you on the coast of Oregon, USA last July, I have watched your progress – AMAZING – and now you are in one of my favorite places to travel to – India, I absolutely love seeing your photos and now especially India, I hope you find India to be a very special place – it is so different and diverse from the north to south – ENJOY!!

  2. Julie
    07, April 2012, 11:55am / 

    Hey Shari! How are you? We remember you and Isaac! Campsite was full – we camped in overflow area by entrance, you had a fire … something like South Beach…? I remember too how fond you were of India.

  3. BAI
    08, April 2012, 10:02am / 

    welcome to Beijing!

  4. BAI
    08, April 2012, 10:04am / 

    Admire your travelling life ! A student at CAU in Beijing.

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