Who is this little boy?!


Mobile House

Another contact via warmshowers – this time an overnight stay in a brand new two storey mobile home!


Car Wash

One way of collecting money towards their school party! We should of let them wash our bikes!

Junk Bridge

So much junk on the hard shoulder that we had to get off & push!

Canon Fire!

Boys will be boys!


The bike city in the US

VWs & New Bike Stand

Martin, the VW Microbus fan, spotted a garage that repaired oldies. We ended up camping in the yard behind courtesy of Patrick, Nick and Tracey. Patrick innovatively created a new stand for Julie (who had already broken two!) by bending & welding a steel pipe with some precision – this one is not gonna break!


Space Shuttle Engineers

People wondering what our boys are doing in the trailers whilst we are cycling: have a look at the plane and space shuttle they constructed!



Teaching the kids how to wash up without a dishwasher.


Who are the heaviest cyclists in the country?

The truck scale shows our weight: 500 pounds (including luggage, bikes, trailers, children – excluding the parents 🙂 )


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