Drive-Thru Tree

In the country of Drive-Thru’s  from Fast Food & Coffee to Pharmacies & Banks this tree had to exist!

Place: Klamath

Cathedral Tree

One root divides into 8 enormous trees – couples get married here (there is also a baby cathedral tree – wedding reservations accepted 600 years in advance!)

Place: Trees of mystery, Klamath

Sky Trail

A gondola right to the top of the trees – what a view!

Place: trees of mystery, Klamath

Trees of Mystery

At the trees of mystery a giant lumberjack and his ox invite people to take a look at some amazing growing trees like this horizontal tree.

Place: Trees of Mystery, Klamath

Flat Tire

You never know when you will get a flat tire … this was the 6th in 2 months & on the gravel road through redwoods – little people get very excited about thee! Cause: brown glass.

USA, California, Forest, Tree, Flat Tire, Stout Grove, Crescent City

Forest Fun

What a great natural place to explore and play!

Place: Jedediah Smith State Park, Hiouchi

In the Redwoods

In California we were totally stunned by the impressive Redwood trees – the tallest trees in the world – up to 330 feet/110m.

Place: Jedediah Smith State Park, Hiouchi