Dune Riders

dune riders1

Here goes!

dune riders2 dune riders3



Back on the mainland serving zucchini and pumpkin butter risotto with a green tomato salad.

Early Mornings

early morning

Uno has become part of the waking up ritual in one sleeping cabin.

Washer Uppers

washer uppers

How many boys does it take to wash up after breakfast?



Rounding up the sheep.

shepherds2 shepherds3

Run Away

Run Away1

This evening all of the boys thought it was so much fun to leg it to the end this wall across the mud flats.

Run Away2

Mega Slide


Lost count how many times the boys went down this monster – the football and volleyball pitches and playground with flying fox a few metres away on the beach had no appeal in comparison. A great idea to build it onto the bathroom facilities until it’s time to leave and everyone keeps needing to go to the loo again so they can slide one last time!


Luggage Carrier

Luggage Carrier

Watching our luggage get transported off the ferry – by far the most fascinating part of the ferry trip to the car free Island of Langeoog.

Car free Island

No Cars1

No cars or exhaust pollution and 11km long – makes it the perfect island for Herbie to make his debut!

No Cars2

Six Pairs Of Hands

Six Pairs Of Hands

When all help we can get the tent up pretty fast!

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