Here We Go Again!

Here We Go Again 1

A seven hour train journey to Emden for the start of our 3 week Ostfriesland Tour (in the North of Germany – enjoyed playing Uno and learning to windsurf with a `stopover` in Cologne where teddy reinforcements come to the rescue (Mama forget to pack originals) – Thanks Onkie! Ostfriesland here we come!

Here We Go Again 2

Here We Go Again 3

The Family Sheep

Family Sheep

We met Frida who lives in the farmhouse helping out on the feeding round – amazingly enough after being severely injured she just walks with a limp thanks to the kindness and perseverance of her family.

Boat Builders

Boat Builders

A small sandy beach area and the boys were off designing their boat – this time from sand…

Wheelbarrow Racing




Getting warm again after a quick dip!

Wheelbarrow racing



Skillfully constructed shell model – with extension!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

the very hungry caterpillar

Lives on Nordeney… this giant was almost as long as my hand and fatter than my thumb – must be at the tummy ache stage – before making a cocoon – anyone know what kind of butterfly he`ll turn into?

Run Away

Run Away1

This evening all of the boys thought it was so much fun to leg it to the end this wall across the mud flats.

Run Away2

Mega Slide


Lost count how many times the boys went down this monster – the football and volleyball pitches and playground with flying fox a few metres away on the beach had no appeal in comparison. A great idea to build it onto the bathroom facilities until it’s time to leave and everyone keeps needing to go to the loo again so they can slide one last time!


Victorian Times

Victorian Times

Felt like going back in time with the beach boxes however it was too cold even for Victorian style swimming cossies!

Sieve Fishing

Sieve Fishing

Highly successful – here’s a nail fish – a member of the sea horse family