Lovely lushious green rice paddy.


This clever buffalo knows exactly how to stay cool in this heat!

Houseboat Life

A day and a night on a houseboat across Lake Vembrandt – but who`s driving?

These boats used to be used for transporting rice but now they are just for the tourist industry.

Floating Basket

This father and son just spun by in their basket past our bedroom window as we were getting up.

Daily Rituals

This man lathering up ready to take his daily bath in the back water.

Party Hat

The boys devoured this ghee bread without the spicy condiments as they decided it looked like a party hat.


Three little Buddhas sitting in a row with the Papa Buddha guiding them behind.


Chance to be pilots for ten minutes.

One Little Elephant

We were not expecting to meet a little Elmer on our way out of Kollam.
Apparently one of the villager’s grandfathers had bought him for the village temple.


Waiting at the railway crossing turned out to be quite a social event.

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