Omani Hospitality

As we were looking for lunch we met Izmael who invited us to stay at his house and meet his family and friends. We felt very priviledged  indeed to have had an insight into their lifestyle and traditions and enjoyed learning about their cultural beliefs and family life in an Arabian Islamic country.


A very friendly family offer us their rancho to stay in. Next morning the men of the house meticulously mend fishing nets in the garden.

Swim before Lunch

The boys decided this fountain was a swimming pool much to the amusement of the locals. Lunch inside the maze of a market was the only incentive to get them away!


Family Hunt

Using the cycling network we got to meet just a few incredibly friendly & helpful members of David Hunt’s big family. Very grateful to his brother John for the pick up to save us the very steep hill & totally amazed to hear that after having 5 of their own children they had adopted  4 more!


Green Invitation

While shopping met Chris & Laura with their children Miles & Elle. Despite having just moved into their new house in the woods & being surrounded by boxes they still had us to stay!


Friend of friends

As word gets around we got to stay with family Lund in Fairhaven.

The boys were made up – friends to play with, a trampoline, train heaven and a sleep over in the gym room.

Not forgetting the friendliest bird – Thor (4th from left!) – jumping on our shoulders.