Goodbye India!

Leaving “Incredible India” for “Amazing Thailand” – to say it in the marketing language of these countries.

How Many Men …?

 … does it take to put two bikes on the roof of a car?
Here we go – just arrived in India and we feel like we are in a completely different world.

Power Nap

What to do when you arrive in an airport in the middle of the dark dark night  – you don’t want to ride –  but due to the time difference it would have been 8am where you’ve come from? Power nap required?! Well it turns out the bikes and trailers build a perfect castle in the corner, roll out the isolation mats, get out the activity books and start snoring! Night night!

Trolley Trains

“Chuff! Chuff! Chuff! Die Eisenbahn!
Wer will mit nach Australia fahren…”
One way to get through the airport traffic together!