Pump It!

Only this time not a flat tyre!


Or a pretend one as Moses fires out the cannon balls.

Run Rabbit Run!

We couldn’t believe how many times future long distance runners Moses and Caspar ran around the track – maybe that left an impression at the lady who kindly let us stay in the stadiums office building for the night?!


Even from the harbour we always had a view of the magnificent cathedral on a hill.

One Wheel Down

The children were happy to get some extra play in today when we had to stop to do a major repair.

Caspar was the king of hopping!

Lawnmower Screw

What could you use to fix a broken axle on the trailer wheel? Well… a local farmer came up with the idea of using a lawnmower screw … and it worked!

Ladybird Man

Turis was incredibly excited to find yet another ladybird he collected them all on the post of the seesaw.

Pirates of Gdansk

Spotting Pirate ships, admiring the medieval crane and soaking up the scenery from the bridge.

Sights of Gdansk

Exploring this beautiful city – looking through the city gate – the town hall spire splendidly looms in the background.

The Runaway Train

Today it’s on the loose on the streets of Gdansk.

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