Like the village children these donkeys just appeared en route “out of the blue”.

The Morning After!

No alcohol involved but a very very stormy night – one broken guy rope and Martin hauling more rocks to secure the tent in the middle of the night. Can you believe that it was still blowing next morning!?

Omani Hospitality

As we were looking for lunch we met Izmael who invited us to stay at his house and meet his family and friends. We felt very priviledged  indeed to have had an insight into their lifestyle and traditions and enjoyed learning about their cultural beliefs and family life in an Arabian Islamic country.


Izmael`s family showed us around their town and shared stories about it’s cultural heritage. We were happy to see our children playing cannon ball together despite their language and cultural differences.


The traditional Omani Men’s dress. Also for boys!

Mosque Visit

We were allowed to look inside this amazing mosque when we stopped to refill our water bottles.

Tabletop Mountains

A dramatic change of scenery as we leave the pointed mountain tops around Yanqul.

Someone has bulldozed the tops of the mountains – could it be something to do with the huge lumps of marble we keep seeing going by on the back of trucks? Or is it just nature’s way?

Last Arabian Camp

Not so easy to find even ground in the mountains.

Hitchhiking as a Family

As our Indian Visas are authorized we needed to get moving quicker than by bike to pick them up. So how do you get a lift in the middle of the desert as a family of 6 with 2 bikes, 2 trailers + about 15 pieces of luggage? Just get two pick ups …

… or even better a big truck!


In Muscat we went to the Souq in Muttrah – the local market –  to soak in the atmosphere and witness the bartering process.

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