Cycling in Guatemala

Let’s say cycling in Guatemala is different. The volcanic landscape is stunning but the average altitude from the east to the west lies around 2000m/6000feet – most of the time it goes up, sometimes down 🙂 and as for the humidity, a lack of hard shoulders and you wouldn’t believe what comes out of the exhaust pipes! Local knowledge of how far away things are is not too reliable & can vary from 2km to 22km and flat is definitely not flat!


Chicken Bus Ride

Contemplating… then everything “rapido” – literally thrown on top – not much different inside! Sleeping is the best tactic!


Roof Terrace Rocket

Who would believe it – a roof top rocket for the boys in our hotel!

Faces of Chichi


Market Colours


Table cloth … two happy chappies 🙂

Banana Buckets

Bananas or buckets anyone?!


3 little monsters sitting on  a wall…

Pirates of Lago de Atitlan

This time a boat trip across Lago de Atitlan – a stop to remove plastic from the motor
adds to the excitement but also to the sad realism of the environmental impact.


Or Swim!

“No! Don’t jump Papa!” … While Papa jumps from a 8m platform Mama takes the calmer entrance to the lake.

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