The Moto

The boys loved riding in this Motorbike Tuk Tuk – especially as our driver wore a helmet and the bench was covered in fabric embroidered with elephants.


Stunning colour contrast – whoever decided on the colour of the monks’ robes really knew what they were doing to create such a glow in the darkness inside the temple!


We woke the boys up at 4.30am and whispered quietly that they should get dressed as we were going for a ride in a motorbike Tuk Tuk to the largest temple in the world to see the sun rise. All four were very excited and instantly wide awake – more so than us grown ups!

Hidey Places

An amazing number of columns – almost one for every one of the one hundred monks living here – and great for little people playing hiding seek! Turis counting – eyes closed – much to the joy of the monk before looking for the others.