Boden See

Plan B

Plan B

The dinghy.


Supporters 2b

Four boys are very excited that Germany is playing today!

Supporters 1



Three countries in three days – flags have to be changed!

Lake Day

Lake Day 1

Long stretches of bike path directly alongside the lake today.

Lake Day 2 Lake Day 3a Lake Day 4a



Let me OUT!

All Aboard!

All Aboard!

Climbing all over an old steam train – the best attraction on this playground!

The Magic Flute

Magic Flute 1b

Amazing construction of this theatre on the lake despite the wind. Note the brave stage builder on the RH bridge!

Locked In

Locked In

The boys had been examining nearly every padlock locked to the bridge for love – forts and hearts were the favourites.

The Hammer!

The Hammer!

Caspar getting the pegs in and putting up the tent in Walter’s garden.

Which Way?

Which Way

Too many signs at once – map also required!

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